Hot Laser Therapy

Hot laser therapy is just one option to consider for pain management. This type of therapy, which is performed by a chiropractor at Meehan Chiropractic and Wellness in Charlotte, NC, relieves pain without the need for surgery. It can supplement other pain treatments or may be used when other methods fail to relieve pain.

Hot Laser Therapy

Conditions Treated by Hot Laser Therapy

Patients who suffer from head and neck pain, back pain such as that caused by herniated discs or sciatica, arthritis, carpal tunnel or peripheral neuropathy may benefit from hot laser therapy. Additionally, it can be effective at treating injuries to tendons, ligaments, and muscles. One final use of hot laser therapy is to help speed the healing of wounds or even encourage healing after surgery. For instance, patients who have had knee surgery may experience speedier recovery when treated by hot laser therapy.

How Hot Laser Therapy Works

With laser therapy, light from a handheld device that is held close to the skin is shined at the tissue where pain originates or injury has occurred. Patients should feel no additional pain; although, they will feel the warmth of the hot laser. This type of laser therapy works by stimulating cells, so tissues will grow and repair allowing wounds or surgeries to heal. 

Furthermore, heat can reduce inflammation. Consider how a heating pad can relieve pain symptoms due to injury, arthritis, or even menstrual cramps. Hot laser therapy relies on the same concept to provide relief.

Patients can see results from laser therapy in just a few therapy sessions and without the need for painful injections or surgery. Routine maintenance laser therapy sessions can continue pain relief. Chiropractors can combine hot laser therapy with other physical therapy to encourage healing.

Hot Versus Cold Laser Therapy

Hot laser therapy should not be confused with cold laser therapy. Hot lasers use a Class 4 laser that produces heat, which is why protective goggles must be worn. Hot lasers can penetrate deeper into the tissues than cold lasers, which is why it's sometimes referred to as deep laser therapy. This is why it's more effective at treating pain that originates in deep muscles such as sciatic pain. 

Hot laser therapy may be followed up by cold laser therapy, known as contrast therapy, or they may be used separately. While pain that is aggravated by heat is less effectively treated by hot lasers, Deep laser therapy is ideal for most patients who suffer from pain or injuries. Because cold lasers feel cold, they are preferred for treating that type of pain.

Residents who are looking for Charlotte hot laser therapy should contact Meehan Chiropractic and Wellness by calling (704)-544-6711 for more information about hot or cold laser therapy or other services.


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